What is RVR90?

RVR90 is an abbreviation of Real Visible Results in 90 days. We sat down with Michelle Macken Ultraceuticals National Skin Educator to discuss the importance of this campaign. Michelle says “RVR90 is an incredible campaign to transform your client’s skin. As a brand Ultraceuticals’ mission and purpose is to empower everyone we touch around the world with real skincare and life changing results. So, this campaign encompasses our brand’s philosophy. But also, it allows us to celebrate the results that our clients achieve on their 90 day transformational journey.”

Why 90 days?

Michelle explains “On average our skin cells turn over every 30 days. 90 days gives us the opportunity to work with ingredients over a period of 3 Cell Turnover cycles. This will “train” your skin to become accustomed to active ingredients. The RVR90 day skin challenge is also a great way in which the Skin Specialist can continually monitor and apply their clients results.”

How do I get started on RVR90?

It all starts with the skin consultation. Your Skin Expert will thoroughly review your skin and recommend a 90 day homecare plan, customised just for you. They will regularly check your progress and support you in the journey to your best ever skin. The skin expert will assess and discuss all the factors that affect your skin such as diet, exercise, stress levels and current homecare routine. The Skin Expert will recommend some baseline essential products to help strengthen your skin barrier and your first corrective product. These products remain the same throughout your RVR90 program.

As you progress throughout the months your Skin Expert will slowly introduce a second and third active skin product to your routine to help you achieve even better results.  It is recommended that you have skin treatments throughout your journey so that your Skin Expert can review your skin again, and add the best products for maximum results.

Where do I get started?

Book a consultation in salon or online with one of our fully qualified Ultraceuticals Skin Experts and start your RVR90 program today.