The secret to good health, inner beauty and fighting the common signs of aging is comprised of a holistic approach to health, wellness and youthfulness with a well-rounded, plant- and herb-based daily nutraceutical regimen.

The premise behind each Hush & Hush product is for you to look and feel your absolute best and live younger, longer. Our formulas are designed to support the body’s natural defence and regenerative powers with a unique combination of scientifically proven Clean Clinical Vitamins™, herbs and botanicals coupled with modern-day technology.

It’s through a combination of science and transparency—no secrets, here—that enable us to create the most potent blend of nutraceuticals for the mind, body, and soul.


Living a clean life is a philosophy that was instilled in us at a young age and one that we are still devoted to. Today, it’s more apparent than ever that the best approach to healthy aging is one that consists of using both internal and external products. Being at the helm of Image Skincare allows us to have the skincare portion covered. But we found it impossible to find a supplement void of fillers, additives and synthetic ingredients—and often left stores and vitamin shops empty-handed. If we couldn’t find clean supplements, we knew others faced the same frustrations. So, we put together our knowledge of aging, skincare, beauty and wellness, along with years of research, to formulate Hush & Hush, a line of luxury nutraceutical and healthy living products. Fueling your body with the right nutrients, minerals and Clean Clinical Vitamins™—which you’ll find in each Hush & Hush product—is the missing piece of the puzzle we all need to look and feel our best.

Here’s to living younger, longer.

Janna & Dr. Marc